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Edit Battle

Edit an existing battle.

You can create 2 team with up to 6 members each. A character can't be used more than once. You need at least 1 member on two teams.

Account benefits

You can pick a total of 99 members. Teams can have a maximum of 16 members.

You can also create a variation of your battle, when two teams are selected. This will allow you to set a location, preptime, etc. And add objects (weapons, equipment, etc) to a team of specific members.

Team 1

The Spectre The SpectreAztarPrime Earth
Lucifer Morningstar Lucifer MorningstarSamaelVertigo
The Presence The PresenceThe PresencePrime Earth
Great Evil Beast Great Evil BeastThe Great DarknessPrime Earth
Michael Demiurgos Michael DemiurgosMichael DemiurgosVertigo
Cosmic Armor Superman Cosmic Armor SupermanThought RobotPrime Earth

Team 2

The Chosen One The Chosen OneAnakin SkywalkerStar Wars
Eru Iluvatar Eru IluvatarEru
The Father Of Mortis The Father Of MortisBenduStar Wars
Melkor Melkor (True Form)
The Supreme Maker The Supreme MakerSWL
The Father Of Shadows The Father Of ShadowsNakhashSWL