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Edit Battle

Edit an existing battle.

You can create 2 team with up to 6 members each. A character can't be used more than once. You need at least 1 member on two teams.

Account benefits

You can pick a total of 99 members. Teams can have a maximum of 16 members.

You can also create a variation of your battle, when two teams are selected. This will allow you to set a location, preptime, etc. And add objects (weapons, equipment, etc) to a team of specific members.

Team 1

Morbius MorbiusMichael MorbiusEarth-616
Molten Man Molten ManMark RaxtonEarth-616
Martian Manhunter Martian ManhunterJ'onn J'onzzPrime Earth
Oracle OracleBarbara GordonPrime Earth
Poison Ivy Poison IvyPamela IsleyPrime Earth
Iceman IcemanBobby DrakeEarth-616
Galactus GalactusGalanEarth-616
Loki LokiLoki LaufeysonEarth-616
Mysterio MysterioQuentin BeckEarth-616
Trickster TricksterGiovanni GiuseppePrime Earth
Atrocitus AtrocitusAtrosPrime Earth
The One-Above-All The One-Above-AllThe One-Above-AllEarth-616
Doctor Alchemy Doctor AlchemyCurtis EngstromPrime Earth
Major Disaster Major DisasterPaul BookerPrime Earth
Baron Mordo Baron MordoKarl Amadeus MordoEarth-616
Porcupine PorcupineAlexander Gentry

Team 2

Cloak CloakTyrone JohnsonEarth-616
Doctor Doom Doctor DoomVictor Von DoomEarth-616
Juggernaut JuggernautCain MarkoEarth-616
Living Brain Living BrainEarth-616
Black Mamba Black MambaTanya SealyEarth-616
Lightning Lass Lightning LassAyla RanzzPrime Earth
Doppelganger DoppelgangerEarth-616
Red Hulk Red HulkThaddeus E. RossEarth-616
Giganta GigantaDoris ZuelPrime Earth
Hydro-Man Hydro-ManMorris BenchEarth-616
Firestorm FirestormRonald RaymondPrime Earth
Shade ShadeRichard SwiftPrime Earth
Radioactive Man Radioactive ManChen LuEarth-616
Juggernaut Juggernaut (Trion)Cain Marko
Mister Mind Mister MindMaxivermis MindPrime Earth
Poison Ivy Poison IvyPamela IsleyNew 52