Create Battle

Create two teams for your battle.

Choose up to 6 members for each team. A character can't be on both teams. You need at least 1 member on each team.

Account benefits

You can pick up to 6 members for a team. You can also create a variation of your battle. This will allow you to set a location, preptime, etc. And add objects (weapons, equipment, etc) to a team of specific members.

Team 1

Lex Luthor Lex LuthorLex LuthorPrime Earth
Deathstroke DeathstrokeSlade WilsonPrime Earth
Reverse Flash Reverse FlashDaniel WestNew 52
The Joker The JokerPrime Earth
Black Adam Black AdamTeth-AdamPrime Earth
Sinestro SinestroThaal SinestroPrime Earth

Team 2

Baron Zemo Baron ZemoHelmut ZemoEarth-616
Klaw KlawUlysses KlawEarth-616
Tiger Shark Tiger SharkTodd ArlissEarth-616
Whiplash WhiplashAnton VankoEarth-616
Wrecker WreckerDirk GarthwaiteEarth-616
Bulldozer BulldozerEarth-616
Piledriver PiledriverBrian CaluskyEarth-616
Thunderball ThunderballEliot FranklinEarth-616