Team Arrow (CW)
Team Captain America (MCU)

Created by: DeanDinosaur6


69 days ago
Team Battle
Voted: Team Arrow (CW)

This is one sided match. C'moon Kara easily takes down Thor via better feats or Martiian wrecks him.
Arrow will end Clint life in seconds
Flash can blitz anyone
Jefferson turns Hulk into soap bubbles
Atom handles Antman
Kara or J'onn takes down Iron Man
142 days ago
Team Battle
Voted: Team Arrow (CW)

Oliver destoys Clint Quickly
Kara and Thor both are jobbers but by high end feats Kara stomps Thor
Atom shrinks Hulk
Cap and Widow are non factors there

This is mismatch
Jobbing Firestorm loses to Stark, but not against Flash
Martian can practically solo via telepathy

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