Captain America and Iron Man
War Machine and Spider-Man

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Captain AmericaIron Man

Captain America and Iron Man

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War MachineSpider-Man

War Machine and Spider-Man


wolfdragon123 221 days ago
Voted: War Machine and Spider-Man
A very close fight indeed, but I would have to give it to War Machine and Spider-Man. War Machine would most likely take on Iron Man and Spider-Man would most likely take Captain America. Spidy would be too fast for Cap to handle and I doubt think that Cap is strong enough to break his webs. With War Machine and Iron Man, it could honestly go either way. Iron Man would have the upper hand, but there is a good chance that his ego could get in the way and make him drop his guard. Spider-Man would most Likely take out Captain America before the fight between Iron Man and War Machine ends, so in the end it would be both Spider-Man and War Machine against Iron Man. If this was Iron Man in his basic armor (which I assume he would), I think that he would be taken out, but if he had one of his more advanced armors like his endosym armor then he would take the win.
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