Hawkeye and Crystal
Team Baron Zemo

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Hawkeye and Crystal


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Hawkeye (Clint Barton)
Crystal (Crystallia Amaquelin)

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Team Baron Zemo


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Oops, I goofed a little, Nightcrawler shouldn't be in there, replace his name with Crystal.
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Northeastern Avengers Vol.2 #2
The message was from an anonymous source that requested Hawkeye go alone and meet up with the person, because they had information about who was behind The Juggernaut's attack earlier. Suspecting this might be a trap Hawkeye agrees to go, but Crystal would watch from afar incase things went down.
Baron Zemo: Glad you could join me Clint.
*Zemo is accompanied by Venom and Betty Ross*
Hawkeye: And why would I trust someone like you?
Zemo: Well you see, you and I are after the same person, don't get me wrong I would never want to partner with a hero unless I needed to.
Hawkeye: What are you on about?
Zemo: It has some connections to the isotope incident that happened last year.
Hawkeye: I'm listening.
Zemo: We can't talk here but if you'll come with me to my lair we speak more about it.
Hawkeye agrees and is blind folded and taken to Zemo's transport.
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Crystal misreads the situation and after Hawkeye is pushed into the back of the vehicle charges in and tackles Betty Ross then blasts away Venom. They are battling while Zemo, turns around and talks to Hawkeye.
Hawkeye: Do you mind removing the bag off of my face?
Zemo: As soon as we get to my castle, this vehicle is completely sound proof so no one can hear what's going on inside, but we can't hear what's going on outside.
Hawkeye: Alright then, let's talk.
Crystal hits Venom with a large ball of fire sending him flying. Red She-Hulk responds by kicking her into a tree. Venom shortly after webs her to the tree and then Betty Ross knocks her out and the two leave her there.
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Crystal wakes up and frees herself. Zemo and crew are long gone by now, and she returns to the ship. Elsewhere, they finally arrive at Zemo's castle and they head to his quarters. While Hawkeye and Zemo are talking, Crystal informs everyone about what has happened.
Gwen: We have to save our leader!
Nightcrawler: How can we do it if we have no idea where he went?
Daredevil: Damn, I knew he shouldn't have gone alone.
Crystal: I already tried his tracker and it is disabled.
Gwen: What are we going to do?
Blade: I think I know a guy, that can help
Who is the person that can help our heroes... What information does Zemo have... Find out in the next issue of Northeastern Avengers!

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