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Team Hawkeye
Scorpion and Wizard

Created by: Soulcollecter57
3 wins (75%)
HawkeyeMoon KnightWasp

Team Hawkeye

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Scorpion and Wizard


Creator: Soulcollecter57


Scorpion (MacDonald Gargan)


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Voted: Team Hawkeye

Northeastern Avengers #5
Hawkeye get's contacted by his teammates who tell him they are continuing the mission, and he does the same. He hears commotion and when he turns the corner he sees Moon Knight and Wasp, who where stationed there, battling Wizard and Scorpion.
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Voted: Team Hawkeye

Moon Knight and Scorpion struggle for control, but Wasp is shot down by Wizard. Hawkeye returns the favor with an arrow that takes him by surprise. Wizard aims his hand at Clint but this time Wasp blasts him back. Moon Knight kicks Scorpion sending him flying back. Hawkeye then shoots a knock out arrow that takes care of the Wizard.
Scorpion: The boss said use it only if I need to, well here it goes.
He sticks a needle in his arm and injects himself with residue from an unstable isotope. With a visible surge of power Scorpion gets back up and charges Marc sending him crashing into the wall denting it and leaving him temporarily immobilized. After that Hawkeye is forced to think fast as Wasp's blasts are just shaken off and she to is sent flying. A rapid fire barrage of arrows bombard MacDonald, but all it does is aggravate him. He lunges for Clint who quickly sidesteps and grabs onto his tail.
Scorpion: What the hell are you doing!?!?
Hawkeye: I won't tell you but just now it'll sting.
3+ years member.
Voted: Team Hawkeye

Hawkeye sticks and arrow inside the opening of his tail, this in turn neutralizes the isotope and just in time for Moon Knight to catch him with a mean right cross. All three of them then head towards the vault.
Hawkeye: What is inside there that is so valuable?
Wasp: We don't really know but it feel from space a few days ago, in a skrull space craft.
Will out heroes retrieve the artifact in time... What power might it hold... Find out in the next issue of Northeastern Avengers.

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