Team Ahsoka Tano
Team Darth Vader


LordTracer 10 days ago
Voted: Team Darth Vader
Ahsoka v. Vader*
Ventress v. Sidious*
Maul v. Fett*
Kenobi v. Bossk*
- - - - -
Kenobi v. Vader, Sidious and Bossk*
Team Vader wins.
wolfdragon123 9 days ago
Not voted yet
How does Bossk beat Kenobi and how does Boba Fett beat Maul?
2+ years member.
LordTracer 9 days ago
Voted: Team Darth Vader
I meant Kenobi beats Bossk. And Fett defeats Maul because Fett has killed Jedi and Maul is a terrible Force user and duelist.

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