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Voted: Thanos (MCU)

how does captain marvel even win
Voted: Thanos (MCU)

how does captain marvel even win
Voted: Batman

Batman wins, he has beaten characters that are a lot stronger than cap, batman is also smarter has advanced tech and is better at fighting, since he mastered all martial arts in the world.
Voted: Martian Manhunter

lol missmatch
Voted: Batman

most of these people are just voting without knowing anything about the fight. Batman can win easily and also toy with spiderman.
Voted: Superman

Superman is way faster than hulk and more durable. he also has better strategic thinking and can stay calm in any situation.
Voted: Superman

Superman bench pressed the weight of the earth for 5 days, i doubt hulk can do that. and also superman has a better set of powers. Easy sups
Voted: Batman

Batman was able to hack into cyborg, cyborgs technology is more advanced than iron mans suit. Batman would easily find a weakness to iron mans suit. Batman has better strategic thinking and he can make better decisions on the spot.
Voted: Batman

in the comic Batman: Endgame the justice league attacked batman while he was unprepared, but he still won.

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