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Batgirl (Injustice)

Batgirl (Injustice)

Barbara Gordon

Batgirl (Injustice)'s History

The daughter of Gotham's police commissioner James Gordon, Barbara was eager to follow in her father's footsteps. Then Batman came onto the scene, and she was inspired by both. One night, she went to a masquerade disguised as a bat, where she conveniently saw the criminal Killer Moth get brought down by Batman in a botched robbery. Thus, she started her double life as Batgirl, soon getting the attention of the Caped Crusader and joining the Bat-Family. Later on, she'd be incapacitated by The Joker, leaving her crippled. She would get around this and resume crime-fighting duty as Oracle, though only to provide information from the Batcave.

After the Metropolis bombing incident and Superman formed the Regime, Barbara aided the Insurgency lead by Batman as a communications center and major ally. She converses with the President of the United States while Batman was recovering from his broken back at the hands of Superman, informing the President that Batman is alive, and that she is working with him and the other people who wish to take Earth back. Later, Superman's Regime murders her father, James Gordon. Enraged by this, she dons the alias Batgirl to fight the Regime directly.