Baron Zemo

Baron Zemo

Helmut J. Zemo

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Baron Zemo's History

Colonel Helmut Zemo is a Sokovian citizen turned terrorist mastermind who sought revenge against the Avengers after losing his family in the Battle of Sokovia, becoming obsessed with defeating and destroying them. Knowing that he was no match against the Avengers, he instead planned to have them destroy each other by first framing the Winter Soldier for the assassination of T'Chaka, causing Captain America to defend his closest friend from the world. This action had caused the Avengers Civil War in which Iron Man led a manhunt for the Winter Soldier and Zemo allowed Iron Man to discover that the Winter Soldier was also responsible for the deaths of his parents. With the Avengers in ruins, Zemo then attempted to commit suicide but was stopped by the Black Panther and handed over to Everett Ross for his imprisonment.