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Baron Zemo

Baron Zemo

Helmut Zemo

Prime Marvel Universe

Baron Zemo's weapons

Disintegrator Gun: Zemo carried a disintegrator gun as a hand weapon. The ray emitted from this gun did not directly attack its target through heat, impact, or force, but would loosen its molecular bonds, disintegrating it instantly. In close-combat, he prefers an Adamantium sword. He also makes use of various energy weapons and mind-control devices.

Baron Zemo's equipment

Particle X: Zemo's "Particle X" was a specialized form of energy that would instantly disable any form of machinery or anything mechanical. Adhesive X: The most infamous of Zemo's weapons was "Adhesive X", and adhesive which can only be removed by means of a chemical formulated by the Trapster. Formula X: A special gas that could instantly tranquillize anyone affected. Its victims could be affected not only through inhaling it, but also by having it enter through the pores in their skin. Zemo's Headband: A headband that blocked against telepathic attack and concealed technology that allowed him to mentally operate some of his creations.
No equipment or weapons connected to Baron Zemo