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Battles created by avenger2

Team 1 Team 2
Team Thor (MCU)Team Hela (MCU)2 y 11301
Team Quake (MCU)Team Black Bolt (MCU)8 mo 7001
Team Scarlet WitchTeam Ms. Marvel2 y 6101
Captain Marvel (MCU)Captain Wonder2 y 1000
The One-Above-AllJacob Infinity2 y 4000
The FlashBugs Bunny (Looney Tunes)7 mo 2000
Team Quake (MCU)Team Daredevil (MCU)2 mo 4000
Nightwing (Arkhamverse)Black Widow (MCU)1 mo 2000
Team Scarlet Witch (MCU)Team Thor (MCU)2 y 3000
Jacob InfinityProdigy2 y 2000
Thanos (Heart Of The Universe)Jacob Infinity2 y 1000
Photon IISpectrum2 y 2000
Team Quake (MCU)Team Captain America (MCU)1 mo 3000
Jacob InfinityTeam Puma2 y 1000
Jacob InfinityTeam Warlock (Infinity Gauntlet)2 y 2000
Team Thanos (MCU)Team Captain Marvel (MCU)2 y 2000
Jacob InfinityOne Above All2 y 1000
Team Green LanternTeam Red Lantern7 mo 2000
Team The Wolverine (EMCU)Team Captain America (MCU)7 mo 3000