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Albert Pratt

Atom's powers and abilities

Genius Level Intellect:

He is a very skilled scientist, specializing in atomic science, and created his own nuclear powered car.

Hand To Hand Combat (Advanced):

He was an extremely skilled combatant with a strength level disproportionate to his size. He was an extremely skilled boxer, and was capable of taking on Wildcat in the ring, as well as many of his super powered compatriots in the JSA to a standstill. He is also capable of taking on multiple opponents at the same time, as well as moderately to extremely skilled martial artists and fighters. Pratt was also an Olympic-plus level athlete, trained in several disciplines to be possibly one of the best athletes of his generation.


He was a skilled acrobat and gymnast, able to incorporate his skills as an acrobat into his fighting style. His already impressive agility was further enhanced significantly.

Superhuman Strength:

He eventually came to acquire “atomic strength”, making him about a “Class 20” super-strongman. He could focus the power of an atomic explosion into one punch.

Superhuman Agility:

Pratt also gained enhanced agility and reflexes, which enhanced his skills as an acrobat.

Energy Generation:

Is able to generate atomic energy in his fists. The Atom can also add destructive force to his punches.

Nigh Invulnerability:

Atom was invulnerable to certain forms of radiation. A mystical radiation released upon destruction of Ian Karkull has increased JSA members lifespans, including Atom.