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Atli Wodendottir

Prime Marvel Universe

Atli's History

Atli is the youngest granddaughter of Thor, the king of Asgard. She along with her two sisters, Frigg and Ellisiv were captured by the god-butcher Gorr and taken to his slave planet forcing them along with other time-displaced gods to construct the Godbomb, a monolithic explosive that spells destruction of all gods. After spending an unknown amount of time there, Atli and her sisters came across a new slave brought to the planet, a very ill-tempered individual who unbeknownst to them, was a younger alternate version of their grandfather.

Not realizing they were related, the hot-tempered Atli was in favor of castrating Thor - whose repeated attempts at rebellion resulted in Gorr crucifying other gods. Atli and her sisters planned a rebellion to destroy Gorr's Godbomb, but Thor stole their weapon and ineffectually attempted to use it. After Gorr's death, Atli and her sisters returned home and helped Thor fend off Galactus - claiming Jarnbjorn as her weapon of choice. Atli and her sisters helped Thor restore life on Earth, and were left in-charge of overseeing New Midgard. When Doom attacked, she and her sisters attempted to fend him off but was briefly captured. After being freed by her grandfather and Phoenix, she and her sisters protected the humans from Doom's monsters