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Voted: Bruce Lee

Bruce lee, in the real world Freddy doesn't have his powers. So all Freddy hads is his razor sharp finger knives. Bruce is master martial artist, he can kick Freddy's glove of of hand. Then going up to Freddy to break his neck or crack his skull open
26 days ago
Mario vs Bruce Lee
Voted: Mario

Mario, because he will use his power ups he can just set Bruce on fire or using the super star and many more .But, Bruce can use his abilities to trick and using his speed on Mario. He can punch Mario's heart out if he can. But that will be unlikely
Voted: Deadpool

These two are both master martial artists but Deadpool will win because he hads a healing factor and hads various of guns
26 days ago
Hulk vs Bowser
Voted: Hulk

Hulk, Hulk is stronger faster and able resist bowsers sharp claws and spikes. Hulk might be able to hulk smash bowers skull open
Voted: Jason Voorhees

Jason, Jason is immortal he can't die, wolverine can die. In this case Jason can just impale Wolverine with his machete
Voted: Shrek

Shrek, he crush homer by using his weight and using his wrestling moves or breaking his neck
Voted: Wolverine

Wolverine, has the strongest metal of his skeleton, and uses those 10 in claws. Freddy would have a hard time trying to stab wolvie with those 6 in knives, because he's thick.
Voted: Link

Link can just cut his head off
Voted: Deadpool

Deadpool, he has a healing factor no Matter how many time Freddy rips Deadpool's guts open, he will still heal, Deadpool can just shoot the hell out of Freddy or use his katanas to cut his head off
Voted: Mario

Mario, in the real world Freddy doesn't have his powers Mario can just set him on fire or he can use the star power up. In dream world Freddy would win.

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