Original Character

This is a user created character (Original Character/OC).

Ashwathama's Powers

Redeemed Ashwathama

When Ashwathama was redeemed by God, he got all of his skill, knowledge, and powers back. In this form, he was able to harm Satan with a Brahmastra and knock him back thousands of miles away, stagger Juggamajuggy, beat Arrow into the ground, and even hold his own against Nemesis and one-shotted Wild Cheetah. Plus, he has also used his weapons to cause enough damage equivalent to that of Lord Rudra. However, no one knows if this is a hyperbole. In this state, while he can die, he has an amazing healing factor with which he can heal from almost any wound including having all of his internal organs (except his brain) turned into helium, and can really only die when he allows it.

Cursed Ashwathama

Ashwathama under his curse is still very deadly, able to defeat street-levelers with ease and pose a threat to the mid-level superheroes. However, in this form, while he is still very deadly with a bow, and is a great sword-fighter, he is in pain due to the curse. While he can heal from atoms and even a soul, Ashwathama has some unhealable wounds which cause him pain and slow him down in battle. However, while he is emotionally broken, he is still over10x stronger and more durable than the physically fittest person alive. Plus, he is a great warrior with excellent training in armed and unarmed combat. Plus, he is one of the best archers in the world.

Ashwathama's Weaknesses