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Arvin Sloane

Arvin Sloane

Arvin Sloane


Arvin Sloane's History

Arvin Sloane was the head of SD-6, a branch of the Alliance of Twelve, working against the United States government under the pretence that SD-6 was a black ops division of the CIA. After the collapse of SD-6 he moved on to pursuing knowledge of the 15th century prophet Milo Rambaldi before turning himself over to the U.S. government and becoming the head of the charitable organization Omnifam. As time went on the government entrusted Sloane with more comprehensive tasks and allowed him to set up a real black ops division, Authorized Personnel Only. After his true desire to pursue Rambaldi was revealed, he left APO and began work with Prophet Five.

For over thirty years Sloane was encapsulated by a desire to discover the secrets of the prophet Milo Rambaldi. Whilst working with SD-6 he sent agents out on many missions to retrieve or learn more about Rambaldi, with the sole aim of personal fulfilment. After leaving SD-6 he pursued Rambaldi himself, and continued on a quest to discover Rambaldi's true endgame, immortality. When Sloane finally discovered it with the assistance of Irina Derevko and The Horizon, he became trapped in an underground cavern, pinned down by debris from a bomb blast created by former work colleague Jack Bristow with no hope of ever escaping, stuck for eternity.