Timybomb 74 days ago
Aquaman is soooooo cool but he is kindove underated...... with those stats he definatly deserves a power upgrade.
SpiderGwenIsTerrible 103 days ago
He is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO underated
crazykitwana 257 days ago
The son of an Atlantean queen and a lighthouse keeper from the town of Amnesty Bay, Arthur Curry would grow up to become the superhero Aquaman, and later take on his birthright as the King of Atlantis. He is a founding member of the Justice League and is among DC Comics' most recognized heroes.
Mythos 261 days ago
He should definitely have a 109 strength
VincentLDillon 279 days ago
@Galactus with these certifiable numbers for Aquaman is it possible to upgrade his powers and abilities?
VincentLDillon 280 days ago
One last comment on the strength of King Arthur. In Aquaman Rebirth # 5 Mera asked Arthur where the nearest body of water is and he says it's 8 miles away. The Presidents Chief-of-staff is watching the fight between the Atlanteans and the army when he's told that they flew away only to later find out that they actually jumped and landed 2 miles shy of the Potomac River.... A 6 mile leap. That is easily Hulk-like numbers. Aquaman being on the ocean floor and having a body tough enough to withstand the 15, 000 pounds per square inch that comes from being in the Marianas Trench easily qualifies him as one of the more powerful heros both on the Justice League and in DC. Hopefully good writers like Geoff Johns and the Justice League and Aquaman movie will continue to showcase his power and ability.
VincentLDillon 280 days ago
In the story arc Death of a King Aquaman threw a 8000 ton Soviet sub from the ocean floor (2.5 miles deep) to the surface and completely out of the water. In the Justice League Rebirth story The Extinction Machine Aquaman swam to the four corners of the world gathering magic crystals needed to save the earth all within hours certifying his ability to swim at over 6,000 mph also in another story featuring a team that he founded called The Others he outswam a Hypersonic jet which is a speed between Mach 5 and 10 or 3,000-6,000mph. In the Justice League Rebirth story State of Fear Aquaman and Wonder Woman both pulled a Naval Super Carrier through the ocean and onto land... They weigh at the least 70,000 tons or 140,000,000 lbs. And finally in the Aquaman Rebirth story Unstoppable he single handedly fights and defeats one of DC 's most feared and toughest to defeat villains The Shaggy Man who's power and abilities are up there with Doomsday.
JudgementJames 290 days ago
Why is Aquaman's Strength listed as only being able to lift 200+ tons? He has demonstrated on numerous occasions that he can lift almost a thousand times that? Whether you use pre 52 or post, he has lifted things of extreme size and mass, ocean liners, city blocks, among other things.
Chalk 1 year ago.
The Globe is 71% h2o and the Trident is 10x more powerful than thors hammer and is capable of doing alot more than just fetch and lightning bolts. He controls over half the globe and everything in it plus has superhuman/metahuman almost everything without the trident..... he is very powerful go check his powers and equipment!
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TheOneWhoSees 1 year ago.
Just some informal stuff.
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Gen 1 year ago.
ppl contributing are obviously clueless about Aquaman, only 2 of the 11 pics uploaded depict Orin, the other 9 are of Arthur Curry, a much weaker incarnation. Orin @ lvl 10!? the guy who sent Tiamat to Hell, decapitated Cerberus and Charon, demolished Triton, made Cthulu his bitch, etc.. he's easily one of the most powerful fictional beings in any universe, far more powerful than Superman, but Supes is still rated higher cuz everyone who's never read the comics loves him for some reason.
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GOKUZZZ 2 years ago.
I don't get why everyone hates aquaman, he's a big threat to villians in the water.
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ThroneofBlood 2 years ago.
Clearly whomever runs this page knows nothing about Aquaman. Why even vote if you don't know?
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Xyvar 2 years ago.
To be able to communicate with other sea life around him, and basically be a Superman underwater, Aquaman deserves a 9/10.
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violet.spahi 2 years ago.
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dragonmaster 2 years ago.
power level=418
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iamorinjr 3 years ago.
Everyone underrated his H2H. He's extremely skilled in martial arts
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iamorinjr 3 years ago.
I seriously don't get how this ranking system works. He should be far higher than an 8
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Goldenguardianofgood 3 years ago.
How is aqua man only a 8? The guy can swing with the big leagues. He should be at least a 14. Come on son, this is just wrong.
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LordAntMan 4 years ago.
Aquaman is only useful for crimes under the sea!!! Lol jk hes pretty cool
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Ikeman 4 years ago.
He\'s awesome
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slayer 4 years ago.
Doesn\'t he have super strength?
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Asylum 5 years ago.
Why are Black Manta and Ocean Master not on here, they are his archenemies
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Galactus 5 years ago.
@Hero There\'s two Aqualad\'s in the database already. No info yet, though.
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Hero 5 years ago.
@Galactus i know you have a lot of work to do and all but it would be epic if you could put aqualad on this website if he is on here i cant find him
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