Ahn Kwang-Jo

Aqua-Man's History


Ahn Kwang-Jo is the descendant of King Munmu who was the former ruler of the kingdom of Silla from Korea in the seventh century AD and the Aqua-Man of North Korea. At an unknown date in time, The Dragon King of the Northern Sea cohabited with Kwang-Jo's mother. Birthing a dragon man child spawn who went through life unaware of his lineage or his destiny.

JLC & the Aqua-Man of North Korea

While a citizen of Rason, North Korea, Ahn Kwang-Jo would attend Raijin University growing into one of its most accomplished students, also an aspiring cartoonist often drew doodles of his favorite American animations in his spare time.

One day during class, the secret police of the Korean Government's Workers Party came in and apprehended Kwang-Jo for questioning. They inquired about a TV set that he'd modified to pick up television broadcasts from across the Chinese/Korean border, where they're neighboring country permits the airing of American produced animation. A capital offense by their government, when their captive admitted to liking western animated production. His captors cruelly took turns beating him into submission for it.

What none among the present knew of, however, that the accused party was secretly a metahuman with deep ties to the mythical, mystical background. His profuse sweating that occurred when Kwang-Jo was overcome with anxiety was the early manifest of his powers.

As he was continually throttled into senselessness, a pair of giant crab-like cryptids emerged from the puddles created and disposed of their charges assailants. The delirious youth finds himself dumbfounded by all that transpires around as the two creatures demand that their liege climb on their back. As the trio made their way across the North Korean border, they encountered the Chinese Justice League where Declan could communicate with the sentient sea life telepathically.

Learning their lordship was on the run from the Korean Army, Wonder-Woman gave her word to protect him from the boy's pursuers. But upon seeing that his own people's army was after him, the culturally brainwashed Kwang-Jo threw himself into at their artillery.

Super-Man and Flash managed to save him, save for a stray bullet nicking his head. As he came too, Ahn Kwang-Jo was greeted by Lady Green Snake with a bowl of seaweed soup, but soon becomes horrified of himself as only the elitist of the elite can partake in such a delicacy and he feels that he betrayed his country by surviving his punishment. What Kwang-Jo didn't realize is that all he'd been raised to believe in, about how the nations outside his own were an impoverished social media wasteland was all a lie fabricated by the ruling fascists of his home country. After begging Peng to show him the truth, he was astonished to find that people are actually happier and healthier in the land beyond North Korea's borders.

While asleep in the dead of night, Kwang-Jo has another dream about the voice of his father from earlier that day. Though skeptical of the voice in his mind, he awakens to find the face of his real father staring back at him. King Munmu] bequeathed his son the power of his bones, he tells him of how in his mortal life Munmu once ruled the national dynasty of Silla, eventually having transcended his mortal coil to became its the watchful guardian.

Seeing what had become of his kingdom in the wake of Korea's rise, Ahn Kwang-Jo's father granted his son the power of his birthright in order to save his kingdom; now transformed into his truest potential, Kwang-Jo was dubbed by his father as The Dragonson. The ultimate instrument of the Dragon King's design.