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Voted: Thor (MCU)

Have seen the movie. Yes, they made a Captain Marvel very powerful, but we're talking about storm breaker Thor. The Captain marvel is saw will not be able to break storm breaker. Also, CM will only deteriorate overtime where Thor will only get stronger and wiser. I do think CM can be a fun character if they treat it right and work with Brie Larson correctly. Some comedic moments in the film from Larson just didn't feel natural. No offense to Larson, but Helmsworth is just naturally more funny, so he is still my favorite MCU hero. Trust me I had no bias when voting that is not the type of person I am.
Voted: Captain Marvel (MCU)

This is a toughie, but I feel marvel jacked Captain Marvel up in the movie. This makes me a little salty because Thor was so trash for so long. I feel Wonder Woman would beat the just born Captain Marvel, but as Captain Marvel learns her powers more, I believed she should be able to beat WW. I mean Captain Marvel just has so much more power. Should could fly at insane speeds, she has been trained decently well in combat, trained in controlling her emotions, and she is just pure energy.

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