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Aoi Muttonback

Aoi Muttonback

Aoi Muttonback

Aoi Muttonback's weapons

Aoi doesn't actually carry weapons. In fact, she is extremely bad at using them and will often accidentally cut herself while using a sword. This is why Aoi has decided to use hand-to-hand unarmed combat as her main focus. She uses horseshoes on her hooves which enhance the impact, protect her legs, and also make the offensive transference of electricity to her opponent easier and more effective.

Aoi Muttonback's equipment

Aoi barely has any equipment. The only things she carries with her most of the time are her cape, which she lost in a battle, her violin, her first and favourite musical instrument, and her journal, but it's contents have not been revealed.
No equipment or weapons connected to Aoi Muttonback