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Ultra Series Universe

Antlar's powers and abilities

Magnetic Ray - Antlar's main offensive and defensive option is the enormous magnetic ray it can emit from its head. With this, it can pull in anything metal from thousands of meters away for various purposes. The most notable of these uses are to act as a shield to intercept attacks or to gather large amounts of debris to fire at an opponent in a shotgun-like blast. The ray can also dissipate energy attacks and absorb the energy into the ray.

Pincers - When ranged combat fails, Antlar relies on its two massive pincers. It uses these to crush its opponents or hold them still for an ally to get in a strike.

Tough Exoskeleton - Antlar's exoskeleton is extremely durable, shrugging off any kind of attack thrown at it that has not been sufficiently charged.

Burrowing - Antlar is a adept burrower, using the sand and earth for ambush attacks and quick repositioning.

Antlar's weaknesses

The Stone of Baradhi - This blue stone reacts violently with Antlar's exoskeleton, causing the kaiju to explode almost instantly upon contact.