Hank Pym

Ant-Man's weapons

The Stinger

Pym currently carries a small, technological firearm that converts his body's mutated, bio-electric aura and fires it as a powerful stun beam.

Ant-Man's equipment

Cybernetic Helmet

As Ant-Man, Pym wore a "cybernetic helmet" which permitted him to achieve rudimentary telepathic communication with ants and other higher insects and to control their minds. Also, Pym formerly required gas capsules or potions to shrink, grow, or return to normal size.

Avengers Identicard

Hank uses it to access the Avengers Mansion.


As Ant-Man, he often utilized flying insect "mounts".

Small flying craft that could be disguised as a cellphone.

Rover airship that had an artificial intelligence capable of human speech and complex reasoning. Bug shaped, the VTOL airship comfortably seated two people and could hover or fly up to 250 mph; emit acids, flames, gases or a spotlight from its front grille, project elongating metallic tentacles used for gripping or grappling and climb up sheer surfaces using its insect-like legs.

Suits / Armor

Ant-Man Suit