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Hank Pym

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Ant-Man's History

Doctor Henry Jonathan "Hank" Pym was an entomologist and physicist who developed the Ant-Man Suit after discovering the Pym Particles. For a time, he worked for S.H.I.E.L.D. as a consultant and became the first Ant-Man. Later he formed his own company, Pym Technologies, and passed the title of Ant-Man down to Scott Lang when his own former protégé Darren Cross replicated the Pym Particle and attempted to sell his technology, the new Yellowjacket Suit, to the notorious paramilitary terrorist organization known as HYDRA. Thanks to his recruitment of Lang to stop Cross, and Lang??s successful escape from the Quantum Realm, Pym came to terms with losing his wife Janet van Dyne to the said realm years earlier, because he thought she could be alive in there.

Two years later, he and his daughter, Hope van Dyne, as well as Lang, succeeded in bringing Janet back from the Quantum Realm. However, shortly after doing so, he, along with his wife and daughter, were erased from existence when Thanos, now in possession of all six Infinity Stones, snapped his fingers and wiped out half of the universe's population.