Carl Derekson


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The resident street leveler in the Omega Reality, the most dangerous man alive, the son of Satanic Cult leaders and worshipers of Morganeth, young Carl Derekson was subjected to cruel trauma growing up, nine souls were sacrificed to create the Anarchist, he has become something beyond human, he now has the ability of enhanced Superhuman Strength, Speed, Agility, Endurance and Intelligence, to defeat his parents and their cult, he must infiltrate them, which means joining them, but by night, he dons his nano reinforced Tonormium Armour attuned to the souls he had transferred into him, which amplifies his physical abilities further, which the souls he was able to telekenetically battle opponents, he also had abilities over telepathy, but within the armor, those abilities are enhanced to where he can create weaponry such as guns, knives and explosives.

Carl Derekson patrols the City of Detroit, as well as being an honorary member of the Omega Force Beta.

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