Ami Misaki

Ami Misaki

Ami Misaki

Ami Misaki's powers and abilities

Ami is an Elemental Ninja who can use her Chi and energy to create her special abilities, Ami's IQ is 200,she can Jump 500 ft in a single bound, Teleport as long as she knows where she is teleporting, run on walls attach herself to any object, run at the speed of sound, and heal herself but all of this uses Chi and Energy, she has special abilities with her powers too

Abilities Dragon Soul Fire - Breath fire like a Dragon

Tornado Bolt - Spins in a circle in air like a Tornado and slams into her opponent

Icicle Barrage Attack - Creates Icicles the sends them flying at her opponent like spears

Earth Clones - Creates Clones of herself that she communicates telepathically

Wind Shuriken - Make wind that will cut through her opponent

Omni Lighting Blast - Summons Lightning down when it hits the ground it goes in every direction

Avalanche Tsunami - Creates an Avalanche/Tsunami that destroys everything

Geo Wall Barrage - Wall's come up everywhere either blocking the opponent or they fly towards the opponent

Stone Spike Quake - An Earthquake happens then the earth opens up and Spikes appear

Inferno Shuriken - Makes a ball of fire that appears as a Shuriken that will burn and cut

Hydro Beam - Creates a Beam of Water that can burst through things

Prison Whirlpool - Summons a Whirlpool around her opponent that captures them and holds them in the Whirlpool like a Prison

Frozen Force Gale Winds - Powerful Freezeing winds freeze and cut her


Flaming Meteor Storm - Creates a Massive Meteor storm shooting down Meteors on fire

Infinite Sand Shot - Ami shoots Sand at her opponent but the sand doesnt penetrate skin

Creation-Jitsu - Is a form of Jitsu that Ami can use Combining her Element-Jitsu and Creation-Jitsu to make Creatures to use in battle