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Ambrose Chase

Ambrose Chase

Ambrose Chase

Ambrose Chase's powers and abilities

Powers and Abilities

Ambrose was born with the ability to manipulate the very laws of physics. He can change the direction of gravity, selectively alter angular momentum, and slow down time. Under the tutelage of Elijah Snow and Planetary, Ambrose was able to use his powers very precisely and efficiently.


Ambrose Chase had the ability to generate a ??selective physics distortion field.???This devastating power could be used for localized control of the speed of time.??Furthermore it could redirect gravity, force, mass, and possibly other physics-defying feats.

The size and density of the field were variable.??He could use it on himself, project it over a large area of unspecified dimensions, or concentrate it onto a smaller area or object, such as another person.

Some of the feats Ambrose displayed while using his abilities was to :

Slowing time to a near-halt. Redirecting gravity to allow himself to run up walls or change the direction of bullets.The inducing intense vertigo on an opponent rendering them completely helpless under his assault.

In addition to his physics distortion field, Ambrose is an expert marksman.??He used a pair of semi-automatic pistols, kept under his coat in holsters on the back of his belt, on field missions.