Originally built with the powers and skills of the original Justice League ( Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter) preinstalled, as well as a duplicate Lantern Power Ring and Lasso of Truth. As such he was a formidable adversary.

The powers and programming of Amazo has varied over time. Some incarnations of Amazo are pre-installed with the powers of members of the Justice League Of America (often Superman and Flash with the fighting skill of Wonder Woman). Other times the programming of Amazo varies. For instance the programming and absorption cell technology was implanted into the body of fellow android Red Tornado after the Red Tornado's soul moved on to a human body. This led to a conflict as part of the Red Tornado's spirit became ingrained in the android circuitry. On one occasion he was only able to duplicate the powers of the members in the Justice League, adapting as the roster grew (this Amazo was defeated when Superman disbanded the Justice League, leaving Amazo without any sources to copy). And in one example Amazo was able to steal the powers of the Justice League as well as their humanity, leaving the Justice League powerless androids. Amazo returned the League to normal when he couldn't reconcile his actions with his new emotions. These diverging programming and power fluctuations have not been officially reconciled within DC continuity.

Notably, Amazo has held a grudge with the Hourman of the 853rd century. When the temporal powered android traveled back in time and joined with the JSA, Amazo was jealous of how advanced in both technology and sentience Hourman was. They had a bitter feud until Hourman returned to his correct time line.

All incarnations of Amazo have the strength and invulnerability that comes with being an android. More recent incarnations of Amazo has the robot built with the ability to adapt and counter metahuman attacks through an internal database much like OMACs. In this manner Amazo can be considered to have the knowledge and planning of Batman. Unlike the OMACs Amazo can replicate powers to counter attacks instead of using pre-built defenses.

This unpredictability is one of the threats of Amazo. It's always a gamble for any hero to encounter an Amazo as they can never be sure what powers the Amazo currently has.

The appearance of Amazo usually involves a pointy eared monster android with the ability to replicate the powers of nearby metahumans and a heartless or downright evil sentience.Recently, through poorly explained science, a boy was revealed to be Amazo's son KID AMAZO. Rather than join his father as a villain, Kid Amazo fought the urges programed into his genetic code and used his powers to stop his father.

Amazo joined Alexander Luthor's Secret Society of Super-Villains.