Aloy's powers and abilities

Master Acrobat

Aloy is very nimble and can scale rock faces with ease. She is even quick enough to dodge charging machines.

Combat Prowess

Aloy was trained to fight by Rost, and is more than capable of taking on most human enemies as well as machines.

Master Archer

Aloy is highly proficient with the bow and arrow, having practiced since childhood under Rost.

Master Crafter

Aloy has an intricate knowledge of machines and can combine materials salvaged from them with natural materials in order to craft ammunition, traps, and tools. She is even able to fit override devices to her spear.

Master Hunter

Even without the aid of the Focus, Aloy is an excellent tracker, being able to find a trail made by humans or machines.


After acquiring a Corruptor's override component, Aloy can ride some of the Machines she reprograms, cutting her travel time in half.

Scientific Mind

Aloy has demonstrated skill at scientific observation and inference, correctly concluding, for example, that the Earth is round and not flat from observing the shape that its shadow casts on the moon during a lunar eclipse. She routinely demonstrates curiosity and acute powers of observation (albeit enhanced by her Focus), reasoning and deduction, all traits of a competent scientist. This may be due at least in part to her genetic makeup: she is a clone of the exceptionally gifted Old One scientist Elisabet Sobeck.

Alpha Access

Being a clone of Elisabet Sobeck, Aloy has the maximum genetic clearance for all Zero Dawn facilities. This allows her to use the Master Override, as well as access any GAIA facilities that require Alpha clearance.