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Battles created by Alien_X

Team 1 Team 2
Team Galactus (Fused)Team Darkseid2 mo 5714311
Team Rune King ThorTeam Old King Phoenix Thor (Earth-14412)7 mo 5114310
King Thanos (Earth-TRN666)Doomsday (Hunter Prey)2 mo 12049
Team Ben 10Team Superman6 mo 42916
WolverineDeathstroke & Daredevil1 mo 261926
Thor (Warrior Madness)Wonder Woman (God Mode) (New 52)10 mo 24126
BatmanTeam The One-Above-All2 mo 401604
KatanaColleen Wing1 mo 6024
Cosmic Immortal HulkTeam Alien X8 mo 19214
Goku (SSBKK X20)Thor1 mo 223114
Hellboy (Prince Of Hell) (Hellboy)Ghost Rider (King Of Hell)7 mo 26214
DarkseidStarbrand8 mo 5024
Team RavenTeam Phoenix8 mo 11013
Team White LanternTeam Rune King Thor5 mo 38303
Team Black PantherThanos3 mo 11113
Alien XDormammu9 mo 9113
Thanos (Post-Infinity Siblings)Thanoseid (Earth-9602)1 mo 8013
God Emperor DoomMister Fantastic (Power Of The Beyonders)8 mo 7013
Team Xeno Gogeta (Xenoverse)The Living Tribunal8 mo 12113
Team Silver SurferTeam Sentry (Stable)8 mo 13213