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Alien Baltan

Alien Baltan


Ultra Series Universe

Alien Baltan's powers and abilities

There have been multiple generations of Alien Baltans over the years. Most abilities present in a previous generation transfers to the next unless noted. Also, Generation III was a hologram and thus has no powers.

    Generation I

  • Size Changing - All Alien Baltans can freely change their size from the microscopic range to 50 meters in height.

  • White Destruction Beam - A basic energy beam fired from the Baltan's claw.

  • Red Freezing Beam - A beam of energy that completely immobilizes the target.

  • Illusions - Alien Baltans can generate illusory copies of themselves to outmaneuver their opponents.

  • Combining - Baltans can combine themselves to increase their power as well as the size they can grow to.

  • Flight - A Baltan can fly at speeds up to Mach 5.

  • Possession - A Baltan can possess a human host to facilitate conversation.

    Generation II

  • Telepathy - Alien Baltans can telepathically communicate with each other and other sentient beings.

  • Gravity Storm - A Baltan can generate a field where they can increase or decrease gravity.

  • Spellgen Reflector - By revealing a mirror in their chest, an Alien Baltan can reflect energy attacks.

  • Energy Shield - Alien Baltans can generate a moderately effective energy shield around their bodies.

  • Teleportation - Baltans can teleport themselves over short distances.

    Generation IV

  • Fireball Travel - The Baltan coats itself in a cloak of fire and moves forward rapidly. This does not damage structures.

  • Shadow World - Generation IV Baltans can create pocket dimensions on surfaces. They can then use this to hide or rest or alternatively to trap enemies inside of.

  • Builgamo - The Generation IV Baltan has the ability to call on the massive war robot Builgamo for aid.

    Generation V

  • Baltan Fire - The Alien Baltan launches a series of explosive missiles from its claws.

  • Exceed Flash - The Baltan emits a blinding light from its claws.

  • Human Disguise - The Alien Baltan can disguise itself as a human very convincingly.

    Generation VI

  • Mind Manipulation - While in human form, the Alien Baltan can emit a purple light from its eyes to manipulate a human's mind.

  • Shrink Beam - This attack shrinks a targeted group down to the size of a doll.

Alien Baltan's weaknesses

Spacium - Alien Baltans have a severe weakness to anything made of Spacium.