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Alexei Volkoff

Alexei Volkoff

Hartley Winterbottom


Alexei Volkoff's History

Alexei Volkoff was only ever supposed to be the cover identity for MI6 scientist, Hartley Winterbottom. Hartley's Intersect created and uploaded when Winterbottom went into the field during an undercover mission when he was working with Stephen Bartowski on the Intersect project. Hartley took the cover of an international arms dealer, Alexei Volkoff, and assisted by Stephen, uploaded an Intersect based identity, attempting to aid his cover, since Hartley was not a field agent.

This early Intersect application, however, overwhelmed Hartley's mild personality, and replaced it with the aggressive attributes of his cover identity. He literally became Volkoff. Eventually, Mary Bartowski was sent into the organization he founded, Volkoff Industries, to destroy what his alter ego had created, and apparently to work on Volkoff himself, to see if Hartley was redeemable.

His overt and odd love for Mary is perhaps an indication that something of Hartley was still there, since she had been his friend and the wife of his best friend prior to being consumed by the Volkoff identity.