Alaricus Sulla

Alaricus Sulla

God Slayer

Alaricus Sulla's weapons

In one of the many universes in the Omniverse, there are ancient unbreakable black soul weapons, which absorb the soul's knowledge, power, life, DNA. These weapons are known as Unfaithful arms, these weapons are known to be the most powerful weapons ever made, from the collection of unfaithful arms include, including Gauntlets, dual pistols, dual gladius swords, Naginata spear, chains, ball, each weapon has a different ability. Gauntlets: shapeshift Dual pistols: Controlled bullets Dual gladius sword: elemental control Naginata spear: Growth Chains: analyze target wrapped in chain ball: Controls all source of power in the prey There is only one being made and fueled by all beings in the universe he will be in he is known as Aadinath Acharya he is a forgotten Egyptian God who was destroyed by his knowledge and power and he is reborn by the emotion and life force of all existence

Alaricus Sulla's equipment

Equipped with armor originally forged in hell he combined god armor with it making unbreakable deity like pieces of each
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