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Akita's History

Akita and her twin brother, Kataru, were about to find their animal forms in the Choosing Ceremony. However on that day, Vex had arrived and threatened them for their loyalty since he found a new power in his self exile but the Formlings refused to serve and he promised to return with a stronger force.

The encounter left a mark on Akita who worried if she end up like Vex should she fail but she was assured by her brother. The siblings set off, looking for the animal spirits to guide them. They set camp in the forest for the night.

When Akita woke up, she heard a voice calling for her. Lured by the sound, she climbed a tree into the clouds, where she saw her animal, a three-tailed wolf. She raced to catch the spirit, and earned the form of the wolf. When she returned, she was suddenly attacked by a large bear, which she realized was her brother in his new animal form. Both cheered, as they have found their animal forms. Akita decides to go for a walk in the forest.

When she returns to the village, she finds it frozen, everyone inside big blocks of ice. She weeps, saddened at the loss of her people. She sees Boreal, Vex, and the Ice Emperor. She heads toward Vex and the Ice Emperor, but is attacked by Boreal. Kataru appears in his bear form, defending Akita. He slashes at the beast, scraping its wings. It roars, and Akita tells for Kataru to run. But Kataru continued to fight Boreal, who covers him with beam of snow.

When Akita saw that Kataru was gone, broke down because she was the last Formling left. Akita watched in anger as Vex, the Ice Emperor, and Boreal, satisfied with their deed, left the village. Akita headed out of the village, never looking back. She vows to return, and bring justice to her village.