Ajani Goldmane (Post-Mending)


Magic the Gathering

Ajani Goldmane's powers and abilities

Planeswalker - Ajani is a Post-Mending Planeswalker, allowing him to freely travel through the Blind Eternities to other planes without being disintegrated. His Spark also grants him immunities to various corrupting effects and raises many of his base resistances and giving him a much greater mana pool than an average being.

Mentor - Ajani has gained much wisdom over his long time travelling the multiverse, often acting as a sounding board for the more headstrong members of the Gatewatch.

Hunter - Ajani spent his pre-planeswalking days as a hunter, taking down the large supernatural predators of Naya's jungles. He has carried this skills forward, able to track and hunt down enemies and allies across the multiverse.

    Auromancer - Ajani wields primarily white mana with green as a supporting source. He formerly accessed red mana when his heart was filled with rage, but now that he has calmed he rarely uses these abilities.

  • Healing - Ajani is a healer by trade and can heal most wounds, although particularly grievous or curse based ones are beyond his abilities.

  • Soul Magic - Ajani can manipulate souls to strengthen them as well as using it to create spirit fire.

  • Magic Nullification - Ajani can sever an opponents access to mana for a time, rendering them unable to use magic.

  • Fire and Lightning - While utilizing red mana, Ajani was able to create large infernos and fire off lightning bolts.

  • Mana Usage - Ajani has been prodigiously capable of wielding and bending a plane's natural mana fonts to his own devices, such as when he created an exact duplicate of Nicol Bolas out of Alara's Maelstrom.

  • Summoning - Ajani is an adept summoner, primarily focusing on creating recreations of his Leonin allies.

Ajani Goldmane's weaknesses

Flat Footed - Ajani is very poor at dodging attacks meant for him and has almost died because of this multiple times.