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237 days ago
Soul Stone
Maybe it could still be in Heimdall, since 1, his eyes are orange, like the Soul Stone is supposed to be, and 2. He himself says he sees souls. In the Post-Credits Scene for Thor: Ragnarok, you see Thanos's ship (Sanctuary 2) meet the Asgardian ship, and maybe he's pursuing them, not just because Loki hasn't the Teassaract (Space Stone), but maybe also the Soul Stone in Heimdal.
237 days ago
Team Battle
Not voted yet

I think the Green Goblin May have been better for the Marvel equivalent of Joker
239 days ago
Team Battle
Voted: Team Human Torch

Fire vs Ice
Who wins?
240 days ago
Team Battle
Not voted yet

Though I know nothing of the comic, I can say that he is in fact kneeling. If you take a look at the pedestal in the first panel, where Thor is standing up, croutched a little, while adjusting Mjolnir. You can see, that about halfway up the pole, there is a thick ring. At the end of the comic on the last panel, that thick ring halfway up the pole is up to his head. The only way that thick ring went from crotch-level to head-level is if he is kneeling. Though there is nothing that indicates it is from exhaustion. This could very well be just be kneeling after a victory, like you see in many sports.
Not voted yet

Magic doesn't necessarily have the same effect on Superman as it would an any normal human. His durability doesn't resist magic as well as it would other objects, meaning that magic has more of an effect on him, not necessarily that his durability completely disappears. If that were the case, Superman would be one of the most underpowered characters in all of comics, which cannot be further than the truth.
Not voted yet

While I agree with you that Iron Man would beat the King of Wakanda, there's no need to vulgarly insult people for thinking otherwise. Just explain to them why he would win, no need to go full Deadpool on them.
Not voted yet

In the words of the wise ol' Captain America:
241 days ago
Thor versus
I read Thor's wiki and while reading his powers/abilities, the only thing I found about the life-force is that it fuels Thor's powers and allows him to use the Godblast, not necessarily that he can absorb the life-force of others. I even went to Life-Force Absorption's page and Thor wasn't listed as one of the characters able to use this power, nor was Mjolnir listed as a tool that can be used to do this. Where were you able to find that Thor was able to do this?
Voted: Elastigirl

Elastigirl can win some ways:
1) Bob's punches won't affect her, she'll just stretch the force punched. So there's really no way Bob can beat her unless he uses the environment around him.
2) Helen can just tied him up, restricting his movement.
3) Helen can just swallow him, and Bob won't be able to escape for reasons which I explained in #1
4) She can just choke him by tying his neck
242 days ago
Thor versus
And how can Thor drain the life force of others?
Wonder Woman

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