Absorbing Man

Absorbing Man

Carl Creel

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Absorbing Man's powers and abilities

Elemental Mimicry

Carl Creel was able to duplicate at will the physical properties of anything he touched or that touched him, with the power having been given to Creel from the Project Destroyer of Worlds, which was designed by Daniel Whitehall. Certain items, such as flawless diamonds, were enjoyable for Creel to absorb, causing a euphoric effect in him. Creel usually used his powers to increase his own strength and durability, but he also used them sometimes to blend into his surroundings or to isolate himself from some harmful effects, such as electricity when he was attacked by Lincoln Campbell.


Creel was able to phase through a metal door, by becoming the same material that the door was made from, and then opening the lock from the inside.


Expert Combatant

In addition to his powers which greatly helped him while fighting, Creel was a proficient combatant, as he regularly practiced during boxing sessions. His combat skills enabled him to fight on par with the highly skilled assassin Ruby Hale when he tried to escape from the HYDRA Preparatory Academy having nearly defeated her before reinforcements arrived to hold him at gunpoint.