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I would describe myself as a person that knows how to treat people and exercises that, but I do have an opinion. Unfortunately, there are times when a differing opinion has to come out. To not exercise that and suppress feelings/opinions: this gives people split personalities(a form of insanity) in extreme cases. I always stop short of making it personal or rude, though. We may differ initially in a debate, there might be change in one or multiple parties within a debate(THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME HERE), or we can agree to disagree. That's how it is. It's great policy to--if a person makes plenty of sense--to listen within the confines of the debate. I DO NOT take debates or correspondence personal and I ask that you please respond in kind. I work in childcare in my home, so that's why I have a lot of online time. I don't have to be at an office or in a traditional labor job.

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