Super Battle Royale

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Super Battle Royale - 3
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Team Ryu (Street Fighter) Gogeta: Oh man. Vegito!
Vegito: Huh?
Natalie Blackstone: What's this scary thing?
Hannah Whitehouse: I don't know. But that creature doesn't look friendly.
Pikachu: Pika Pika.
Cyborg: I know what you mean. But this monster's ain't goin anywhere without a fight.
Gogeta: Yeah. We ought to be able to have a real fight now, right?
Vegito: *laughs* Let's do this!
Jax: Bring it on.
Lina Inverse: I'll help too!
Ryu: Ken, it's time we send this monster back into another dimension where it belongs!
Ken Masters: Yep. I'm ready.
Ultraman Taro: You have me as well. *grows big* Let's take him down!
*Evil lasers shooting at the heroes*
Infinite: You'll have to go through us first.

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Team Ryu (Street Fighter) wins!