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Team Daredevil vs Team Black Bolt
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not voted Northeastern Avengers Vol.2 #8
On the moon, things are escalating very quickly, and for the worst. The castle is under attack from two of the Annihilators Beta Ray Bill and Gladiator. The person of interest finally reveals himself and to everyone's surprise the man is Nathaniel Essex, otherwise known as Mister Sinister. He releases Medusa and leaves the scene in complete chaos with the Inhumans battling the Annihilators in all out havoc.
Gwen: How do we get out of here?
Crystal: There should be a hanger in the lower chamber that holds a ship we can escape on.
Gwen: Well we better...
Quake sends a shock wave at Gwen knocking her down.
Quake: You are going to pay for betraying the royal family!
Crystal: I've been waiting to kick your ass for a long time now.
Daredevil: Crystal I got your back.
Crystal: No! Get Gwen to the ship and start it up, I'll make sure no one interferes.
Back at the Baxter Building.
Reed: A few more minutes and he should be able to remember everything.
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Team Daredevil vs Team Black Bolt
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not voted Zemo: Fantastic, soon we will find out who is paying everyone off and who is responsible for the death of my beloved.
Hawkeye: Once we do find out who is behind this what do you suggest we do?
Zemo: Kill h... I mean bring him to justice.
Hawkeye: Are you sure you aren't doing this for a free pass of any crimes you commit?
Zemo: Clint, you need to work on those trust issues of yours. All I want is revenge, I could care less about anything else.
Blade comes running in.
Blade: Zemo, you bastard!
He charges at Zemo who side steps him making him fall and Hawkeye grabs him to calm him down.
Zemo: Everyone wants to kill me. Guess that means I'm doing something right.
Back on the Moon.
Crystal and Quake are still battling with neither getting the upper hand.
Quake: Oh, it always feels good to see the blood of a trader be spilt.
Crystal: The only thing spilling anything is that gash on your head.
Daredevil readies the ship for take off and Gwen begins to wake up, she is confused as to what is going on until she looks out the window and sees Crystal fighting Quake.
Lockjaw: A ship is leaving the hanger!
Black Bolt screeches at Gladiator sending him flying back and dashes to the hanger but is stopped by Beta Ray Bill who smacks him into a crater. It shakes the ground throwing Quake off balance and Crystal, with a hand full of flame, punches her in the face knocking her out. Crystal then gets on the ship and they take off. Gladiator heads inside and sees Mister Sinister has left. He flies back outside and sees Ray flying across the moon and Black Bolt in pursuit of the ship, they then follow.
Team Daredevil vs Team Black Bolt
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not voted There is a huge race to planet Earth with our heroes, Black Bolt, the Annihilators, and Mister Sinister all behind each other on the way to Earth.
Gwen: You should rest, you're pretty banged up, and losing blood.
Crystal: There should be a med kit over there.
Back at the Baxter Building.
Zola: Nathaniel Essex.
Hawkeye: What!? How did he escape the from Strange's pocket dimension?
Zola: Now that I don't know, but I do know what he is planning.
Blade: Go on.
Zola: He plans to cause a war between the Skrulls, the Inhumans, the Shi'ar, and mutants with Earth as the battle ground.
Hawkeye: Why the hell would he want to do that?
Zola: He wants to send the world into chaos and then rein over it from the rubble in a new world order where the mutant race is in charge.
Back in space.
???: That's the sign time to go!
???: All hail the Skrulls, and with you as our commander we shall conquer all!
Super Skrull: Full speed ahead!
Can our heroes stop Essex's evil plan... Will Earth parish in the war waged apon it... Find out in the next issue of Northeastern Avengers!

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