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Team Hawkeye vs Arnim Zola
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Team Hawkeye Northeastern Avengers Vol.2 #7
Reed has finally repaired Zola and Zemo begins his explanation.
Hawkeye: Revenge for what?
Zemo: The death of my beloved.
Hawkeye: Beloved?
Zemo: Her name was Raven Darkholme, and the love of my life.
Hawkeye: Who is that?
Reed: You might now here as Mystique.
Zemo: Yes, while on a mission to figure out who is behind all this, she was killed.
Hawkeye: Was it the same mission Zola was on when he was corrupted?
Zemo: Precisely.
On the moon.
Lockjaw: He is here.
Quake: Good, now we can get rid of this traitor.
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Team Hawkeye vs Arnim Zola
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Team Hawkeye The Inhumans head upstairs to meet the person of interest they leave behind Triton to watch over the cell.
Triton: Crystal. Why did you run away? We could have given you anything you wanted, we were family.
Crystal: What I wanted was to be on Earth and life a normal life, not stay in some castle on the moon with self-righteous hypocrites!
Back at the Baxter Building.
Zola: Richards!
Reed: Calm down Zola, I am not here to...
Arnim blasts him back then blasts Hawkeye who dodges.
Zemo: Zola, restrain yourself!
Zola: B... Baron, I'm sorry, I just thought...
Zemo: It's fine Zola, but we need you to tell us something.
Zola: What?
Hawkeye: We need to know who it was that captured you.
Zola: Uh... Darn, I can't seem to remember. I can retell to entire incident up until I was captured, and everything after but not what the man looked or sounded like.
Zemo: Damn it. Who ever did this must have wiped his memories of his face.
Reed: I might be able to help with that.
Reed walks over to a large contraption and pushes it over to Zola.
Reed: This should be able to fix that.
Hawkeye: That's fantastic.
Reed: Well It' going to take a while for the process to work.
Zemo: How long?
Reed: About 4 hours.
Betty Ross: More waiting, can I at least punch something? It's so boring in here.
Reed: Down the hall to the left, there is a training room.
Betty Ross: Thank God.
Team Hawkeye vs Arnim Zola
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Team Hawkeye At Morbius's castle.
Morbius: Ah yes, finally it has found him.
Blade: Where is he at then?
Morbius: The Baxter Building.
Blade: Thank you Morbius.
Morbius: Remember day-walker, this is the last thing I'll ever do for you.
Blade: What ever dawg. *Internal thoughts* or until I kick your ass.
On the moon.
???: Do you have them?
Quake: Yes, they are just down stairs.
Everyone heads down there, but they see the cell open and Triton knocked out.
Quake: Damn it!
they all run down the hall except the person of interest who returns back up stairs. Right after Triton wake up, he was faking the whole time, he to tries to escape but walks into Lockjaw. Before he can say anything the castle begins shaking and is under attack.
Who is attacking the castle... Who is behind everything... Find out in the next issue of Northeastern Avengers!
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Team Hawkeye vs Arnim Zola
not voted Damn, @Soulcollecter57 this is badass dude. A very good read, I loved it honestly.
Team Hawkeye vs Arnim Zola
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Team Hawkeye Thank you @Kanine88, if you haven't already the rest of the stories are on the Northeastern Avengers forum, again thank you so much.

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