Team DaredevilvsTeam Black Bolt

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Team Daredevil vs Team Black Bolt
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Team Black Bolt Northeastern Avengers Vol.2 #6
Our heroes wake up on the moon utterly confused.
Daredevil: Where the hell are we?
Crystal: This is the royal family's lair.
Gwen: Royal Family? Which family?
Crystal: The Inhumans.
Back at Morbius's castle.
Blade: Can you hurry up? I ain't got time to wait.
Morbius: Well you are going to have to, I don't have to help you day-walker. If you were smart you would watch what you say.
At the Baxter Building.
Hawkeye: Sorry about earlier.
Reed: Don't worry Clint, it was mostly my fault for taking action immediately.
Red She-Hulk: Can't believe they left me to babysit.
Hawkeye: How did you even end up working for Zemo anyways?
Red She-Hulk: The pay is good, and I get to stay ay a dope castle for free so I didn't see any reason not to agree.
Reed: *Whispering* Do you really trust Zemo?
Hawkeye: *Whispering* I don't have much of a choice at this point.
Back on the moon our heroes escape from their holding cell and try to sneak out.
???: Where do you think you are going Crystal?
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Team Daredevil vs Team Black Bolt
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Team Black Bolt Crystal: I'm getting the hell out of here that's what Quake.
Quake: Just like the first time you left the royal family!
Crystal: I don't want to be apart of this "family" I want to live a normal life on Earth! That is why I left the first time!
Triton: Well that's not happening.
Crystal turns around to see Triton standing there. Seeing no other option Crystal blasts Triton and then charges Quake. Quake flips her over and then sends her back with a large vibration wave. Gwen from behind hits her and then slams Quake against one of the holding cells. Daredevil stairs down Triton.
Triton: I don't want to hurt you human, but you shouldn't have left your cell.
Daredevil: Blah, blah, blah. The only thing you're hurting is my ears.
Triton: Oh, you got jokes huh. Won't be so funny when I kick your ass will it.
Daredevil: If you can.
Right before Triton swings, a very low whisper is heard and then all of a sudden everyone is sent flying. They look up and see Black Bolt accompanied by Lockjaw.
Team Daredevil vs Team Black Bolt
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Team Black Bolt Lockjaw communicates with them.
Lockjaw: We don't wish to harm you but we have no choice, some evil entity has captured Medusa and the only we can have her back is if we trade you Avengers in.
Crystal: You bastards! How can you just trade us in like we are nothing but objects!
Quake: Ever sense you ran away you mean nothing to us, so think of this as your punishment for leaving the royal family.
Crystal: Well you better hope to hell, I don't get out of this cell.
At the Baxter Building.
Almost done, just a few more tweaks and he should be fixed.
Zemo and Venom enter back into the room.
Zemo: Excellent! Thank you for your services Dr. Richards.
Hawkeye: Alright I helped you, now tell me what you get out of all this.
Zemo: That is an easy answer. Revenge.
Hawkeye: Revenge for what?
What does Zemo want revenge for... Who is out to get our heroes... Find out in the next issue of Northeastern Avengers!

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