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Team Hawkeye vs Team Mister Fantastic
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Team Hawkeye Northeastern Avengers Vol.2 #5
Blade is lead into Morbious's sanctuary and in the center is large circular table with markings on it. While this is happening Hawkeye, Zemo, and his crew arrive at the Baxter Building with Armin Zola and try to talk with Reed Richards. The security cameras pick up Zemo and the building goes on high alert and the Fantastic Four show up to fight them.
Hawkeye: Reed, it's okay, he is with me, we only want your help!
Thing: It's clobbering time!
Betty Ross: And your the one about to get clobbered.
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Team Hawkeye vs Team Mister Fantastic
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Team Hawkeye Crystal: What is it Gwen?
Gwen: Well, it looks like finding Hawkeye will have to wait. SHEILD has another mission we have to go on.
Daredevil: We never get a moment to rest do we?
Zemo: We come only to ask for your assistance!
Reed: Why would I believe someone like you Zemo?
Hawkeye: We only want to your assistance on this one thing.
The fighting proceeds, Venom struggles with Invisible Woman while She-Hulk and Thing duke it out.
Hawkeye: Let's stop fighting and just talk damn it!
Reed: Only if you stop first!
Zemo: Brock, Ross, halt.
Everyone ceases fighting and begin to talk.
Team Hawkeye vs Team Mister Fantastic
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Team Hawkeye Daredevil: That's strange, why would SHEILD have us come all the way out here?
Crystal: What if it wasn't SHEILD that requested us.
Gwen: So your saying this might be a tr...
Gwen falls down unconscious then Crystal and Daredevil follow shortly after.
Morbius: This ritual we've used for thousands of years to track anybody.
Blade: Alright then, do it.
Morbius: Patience day-walker, we must first receive blood from someone that is not of the royal lineage.
He punches a whole threw a nearby vampire killing him and with his blood draws a circle connecting all of the symbols. Back at the Baxter Building...
Reed: So, this guy is behind the random attacks, the isotope incident, and Armin is the only one who knows this person and their end game?
Hawkeye: Yes, and we need your help to rebut him so we can have the information.
Reed: Alright, it shouldn't take more than a few hours.
Zemo: Alright then, Clint you stay here with Mrs. Ross.
Hawkeye: And where the hell are you going?!
Zemo: I have some business to attend to, don't worry I'll be back once it's done.
Hawkeye: *Internal thought* Bastard.
What business does Zemo have to attend... Who kidnapped our heroes... Find out in the next issue of Northeastern Avengers!

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