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Soulcollecter57 11 mo 19 d
Blade vs Morbius & Morlun
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Blade Northeastern Avengers Vol.2 #4
Morbius: Hello, Blade. You sure have guts to come in here.
Blade: I need your help finding someone.
Morbius: All though we have a truce, why the hell makes you worthy of my time?
Blade: Allow me to prove myself, I challenge you to a duel!
Morbius: Me? You must be insane day-walker, but how about this. You will fight a champion of my choosing.
Blade: Alright then, who is it?
Morbius: You will be fighting Morlun, no weapons just hand to hand combat.
Back at Zemo's castle...
Hawkeye: That's Armin Zola.
Zemo: He knows who paid Juggernaut, and who is behind everything.
Hawkeye: Then why hasn't he told you anything?
Zemo: He was shut down somehow, and I have no way to fix it.
Hawkeye: And how am I suppose to help with that?
Zemo: You know someone who can, and your going to pay him a visit.
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Soulcollecter57 11 mo 19 d
Blade vs Morbius & Morlun
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Blade Morlun jumps down and the two stare each other down.
Morlun: You're all alone day-walker, and your friends can't save you this time.
Blade: Last I'd check, I took you out myself, and I can do it again.
Morlun: Be careful day-walker, that confidence could get you killed!
He drops his shoulder than charges at Blade sending him into a wall, he reacts by kneeing him in the stomach afterwards and then throws him back. They run at each other and lock hands trying to out power one another.
Back at the Avengers HQ, our heroes await Blade's return.
Gwen: What is taking him so long?
Crystal: Hopefully he is hurt.
Gwen: Well I'm going to get back and continue the search.
The two are still viciously fighting while all the surrounding vampires are yelling and cheering.
Blade: *Internal thoughts*, damn it! While he is inside this castle his power is too great, I have to get him outside somehow.
Morlun: Poor little Blade, about to lose in front of all these people, should change your name to dull.
Blade: Oh really, how about I change your name to shut the hell up!
Just then he get's up and slams him into the front gate knocking it open. and everyone follows as the fight spills out into the grave yard. Blade is thrown aside and Morlun attempts to tackle him again, but Eric dodges and he hits his head hard enough to break one of the tombstones, this stuns him and Blade finishes him with an elbow to the neck.
Soulcollecter57 11 mo 19 d
Blade vs Morbius & Morlun
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Blade Morbius: Well done, day-walker. As I promise I shall help you find this person.
Blade: I am looking for Clint Barton.
Morbius: Alright then, come inside and I will help you find him.
Meanwhile, back at Zemo's castle...
Hawkeye: Reed Richards, would never help you.
Zemo: No, but he would help you.
Hawkeye: Okay, even if I convince him anyways, what do you have to gain from this?
Zemo: I could tell you, but that is classified.
Hawkeye: Then how the hell do I know you won't double cross me?
Zemo: If I wanted to do that Clint, believe me, I would have done it already.
Hawkeye: Tell me why or I refuse to help you!
Zemo: Fine you really want to know? Then I'll tell you.
What is Zemo's goal in all this... How will Blade track down Hawkeye... Find out in the next issue of Northeastern Avengers!

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