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WildfireDrake Burroughs6

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Technically she does drain the powers of whomever she touches but only as long as she touches them so good question.
Team Supergirl easily wins this I think Supergirl alone could probably do it but if that isn't enough she has x-23 and Shadowcat. If she picks up Shadowcat before she begins the fight she will literally be untouchable and unstoppable and will destroy the entire other team without taking any damage.
I could go into detail and go round for round but it comes down to the fact that beyonder can reality warp and nobody on the other team can, giving his team a huge advantage and the win.
He is fast but Kitty can phase through any of his attacks and hurt him whenever he goes through her. She can simply touch her team so they phase as well and use nightcrawler to teleport inside the enemy and kill them all like that. Easy win for her team. And anybody that says speed blitz from quicksilver Kitty's form is naturally in phase right now, and she knows him. She will be phased the moment she starts the battle.
Anymore suites you'd like to throw out. Also, Iron Man never brings any of these to a fight unless he knows he needs them, in this fight he knows nothing of Superman and therefore can't have them all. And time to change armor would take too long in a fight with a guy as fast as Superman. I am a very real Iron Man fan, but I accept that he doesn't have the equipment to beat the man of steel.
Galactusbuster is from an alternate Earth history and I am not sure if it is considered cannon anymore can someone please check for me on that one I will come back if it is. Finally the Endosym, my favorite of his armor and probably the greatest. Capable of draining virtually any form of energy once it finds the frequency. The real issue with it is that it has to drain slowely, and too much energy at once will cause it to open briefly to remove excess energy. This leaves the occupant vulnerable for a brief time though not helpless. Sadly superman is fast enough to capitalize on that weakness. All the suits real flaw is speed though, Iron Man's suites are nowhere near fast enough to keep up with the man of steel.

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