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CyclopsScott Summers8
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ThorThor Odinson30
VenomEddie Brock9

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I completely agree, Superman is faster but we both know Superman won't exploit his speed advantage but if he did it has little effect on the overall battle sorry for misinterpreting your previous comments.
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Contrary to popular belief Spider-Man does have the capability to harm the Thing when not holding back he punched Hulk into orbit I'm sure he will not hold back against the Thing.
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I never said anything about Thor's speed that was you, SirSpidey, and Wolfdragon123 I pointed out the fact that everyone argues and brings up speed when it comes to debates when speed has no effect on a match between these two powerhouses, who are known for their strength not their speed.
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Why is everyone bringing up speed all of a sudden. In every argument lately (mainly the Flash) which in a battle of this magnitude would matter worth shit. The sheer might of Thor's hits cancels out the very very slim speed advantage that Superman could not achieve on his own (it would take him a couple loops around Earth to become faster than Thor) in terms of speed, Thor has a greater power reservoir he can tap into, more experience (thousands of years old), and greater endurance. Thor's power, experience, and endurance all trump Superman's and you're going to tell me he wins because he is faster? That is debating blasphemy and to add to that when the hell has Superman used a speed "advantage" against any opponite... NEVER not one time in Supermans publicated history has he beaten someone because he was faster then them it's been his power and his luck but never his speed.
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Flashes vs Lanterns
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Current Fantastic Four verses it's former members.
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