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Location Medriaas
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Alignment Bad


"A man can have anything, if he is willing to sacrifice. With your birth, comes a solemn vow - You will have nothing, your privilege is the dirt. In the darkness, only ambition will guide you. The oaths you swear, the promises you make, they are yours, alone. Your freedom, will be wars you wage. Your birthright, the losses you suffer. Your entitlement, the pain you endure. And when darkness finds you, you will face it, alone." - Sith Emporer Vitiate to his two sons

Favourite characters

Black PantherT'Challa8
Captain AmericaSteve Rogers7
DaredevilMatt Murdock7
EnchantressJune Moone9
Franklin RichardsFranklin Richards88
Iron FistDanny Rand8
JuggernautCain Marko11
King KongKing Kong11
LegionDavid Haller30
Martian ManhunterJ'onn J'onzz21
NightcrawlerKurt Wagner5
OdinOdin Borson62
Professor XCharles Francis Xavier11
QuicksilverPietro Django Maximoff7
Rocket RaccoonRocket Raccoon4
Spider-ManPeter Parker10
ThorThor Odinson30
War MachineJames Rupert Rhodes11
X-23Laura Kinney8
ZoomHunter Zolomon6

Latest comments

Or he grabs ahold of Aquaman and rips him in half. The two are not evenly matched. Literally one hit from Juggernaut and Aquaman is dead
He can instantly regenerate from both keratin AND the dust from his body
That means if there is hair from Juggernaut he can regenerate from that instantaneously. There was one time where Juggernaut got disintergrated down to his skeletal structure and instantly healed back
That is true but only true to a normal human being. The Juggernaut is no normal human being, he was gifted the power of a being who was around when the universe was created. It specifically says that he can generate from anything, ANYTHING, at instantaneous speeds as long as he still has one molecule left of him. So Aquaman can take away all the water he wants but it still wont effect Juggernaut. Even then Im not sure Aquaman could get through Juggernauts unbreakable skin
I would have to disagree. If Juggernaut has even one cell left of his body, he can still regenerate from that cell. So taking all his water out of him wont do much at killing him
Is it something Im just not seeing because Im using a phone or something else?

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