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Thanks God_of_Thunder
Doctor Strange is one of the most powerful magic users in marvel universe, Stephen Strange has spent years achieving his magical capabilities, he may manipulate magic in any number of ways. He may travel in time, to other dimensions and places, Strange possess magical blasts and forcefields, basically Strange is capable of any magical feat.
Aquaman is the King of the Atlantains, because of his royal heritage he possess strength and abilities far above any member of his superhuman race, he also wields the Trident of Pisiden, this grants him the many godly capabilities, including weather and sea manipulation, godly blasts, and forcefields.
An excellent battle I'd say, I think it's more obvious that Strange will be victorious, his magical powers and versatility can't be matched.
Normally a human would lose against a member of a superhuman race, but Strange is at a level of magic, that can rival gods.
"The ability to destroy a planet, is insignificant next to the power Force" - Darth Vader
remy94 Team Battle 8 days ago
The super powerful Atlantains, against these four heroic avengers. Who wins?
As the embodiment of the entire Nova force, Richard Rider possess virtually limitless quantities of energy. The Nova force makes Rider impervious to energy attacks, and near invulnerable to physically harm, it grants him vast strength, he is capable of lifting several hundred tons above his head, and can move at faster than light speeds, he also can absorb and manipulate energy at will. Nova's helmet also basically has a built in computer.
By royal heritage, Orin is the King of the Atlantains, and the strongest among his kind, strong enough to lift several hundred tons, durable enough to withstand gunfire and impact forces. He wields the Trident witch grants him numerous powers of the sea god Pisiden.
The victorious will be Nova, normally a human would lose against a super powerful Atlantain, although this human has access to limitless quantities of energy.
Thanks virgoquarius.

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