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mekkaxko Thor 3 hours ago
please update him, he closed a million tons of earth over loki once, snapped sentrys neck, he killed glory (glory had the power 10,000 gods), Thor arm-wrestled Hercules, causing the area to collapse and shifting the planet out of orbit. he can resist the gravimetic pressure equal to the weight of a neutron star. he pushed nine planets once (the world engine). he carved out an uru hammer with his fingers, he snapped out of adamantium cables once, he has resisted the weight of 20 planets. knocked out the phoenix force, injured galactus really badly with his godblast which can destroy a solar system at maximum power. he is unaffected by the sun as he stood inside a sun when confronting atum. he Withstood an attack he created against Surtur that was 1000 times hotter than the sun. he can absorb 25% of all the energy in the universe in mjolnir and almost completely shattered a planet miles away with the shockwaves of his punches
mekkaxko Team Battle 7 days ago
helo i like herro
how can he have 87 intelligence? when he became the rune king he gained the knowledge of the runes and became omniscient???
you see the thing is he actually can, he evolved past death when he became the rune king and inherited all of the odin force, he cannot die!
wtf is this a joke, rune king thor can stop time completely he destroyed 10 dimensions once (yggdrasil)